Manufacturer for instance of vibrating screens. Simatec Maschinenbau AG develops and builds more than 18 years different vibrating screens for the industry. The program consists of circular-, linear- and elliptical working screens.

Machinery from Simatec:

  1. Elliptical vibrating screen
    The elliptical vibrating screens are powered by two shafts. These elliptical vibrating screens are the latest technology in screening. Low installation height and becauce of the elliptical vabration occurs maximum screening capacity.
  2. Drive station
    Because of its construction, the drive station is very stable. According the CE regulations, all moving parts are completely covered. The number of revolutions can easily be adjusted to the process and machine technical requirements.
  3. Screens
    In 95% of the cases are polyurethane screens used. This material is very abrasion resistance and extremely sound dampening. These plastic sieve elements are fitted on steel length carriers.
  4. Spray bars
    Is constructed as a self-supporting structure. Each spray bar is provided with a shut-off valve. The durable plastic nozzles provide a uniform distribution of water.
  5. Dewatering screen
    Linear vibrating screens for dewatering of sand, gravel, etc. These vibrating screens are equipped with two self-synchronizing‚ shafts’ in order to obtain a linear movement.
  6. Primary vibrating screen
    Primary screen with circular movement, especially for screening of heavy material and executed with one screen deck.
  7. Dewatering screen

The latest development is the elliptical working vibrating screen. This model has several advantages compared with circular and linear working vibrating screens. The elliptical-motion ensures maximum discharge of material from the screen opening, and for the transport of the excess over the screen decks. Because of the low height, horizontal installation, there is less steel construction required. Vibrating screens sizes are available up to a width of 2600 mm and a length of 7500 mm.

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