Greystone specializes in building machines for the sand and gravel industry. The program consists of Classifying Tanks, Sand Screws, Blade Mills, Coarse Material Washers, Dewatering Screws, Logwashers, Clarifiers, Vibrating Screens, Portable and Semi Portable Classifying installations.

Machines from GreyStone Inc.:

  1. Classifying tanks system with urethane discharge boots
    This machine has three outlets for maximum capacity. In the flume under the outlets is the final product discharged.
  2. Dewatering Screw 'aggre dry'
    Dewatering Screw integrated with a dewatering screen. Sand can now be discharged with a moisture content as low as 10%.
  3. The spiral
    The spiral is completed with ‘Rock Grade’ rubber wear shoes for maximum shoe life.
  4. Coarse material washer
    Coarse material washers are used for cleaning gravel from 10 to 100 mm in size.

GreyStone is the only manufacturer in the business who uses urethane wear parts in their classifying tank and rubber wear parts in their material washers instead of cast steel. The GreyStone classifying tank is controlled by a Windows-based Aggre-Spec III software program. Re-blend up to 2 spec products at one time and view both products on the screen at the same time.


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