This manufacturer has been three generations supplier of screen decks for the process industry. The screen decks are made of steel and plastic. Steel screen decks are custom made and can therefore be provided for each application.

Screen Decks from Gustav Meister GmbH:

  1. Polydex® Element
    500x300 made of plastic, polyurethane. Standard dimensions are 500x300 mm with a variable thickness of 30 to 50 mm.
  2. Polydex® Element
    500x300 mm with a 10 mm rubber top layer.
  3. Plastic screen element
    1000x300x30 mm with welded steel insert for maximum screen passage. System for all machine provide with WS85. This system is mounted by means of adapter strips "Nockin" on the longitudinal support rails.
  4. Uni-nozzle
    Connection R3/4" with adjustable opening. A clogging of the opening can be easily resolved by turning the knob.
  5. Standaard nozzle
    Connection R3/4" with fixed passage openings available in 4, 6 and 8 mm.
  6. Guard for nuts and bolts
    Made from polyurethane.
  7. Steel screens
    Meister-woven wire cloths, with their wide variety of designs, fulfill all the requirements for sieve trays given current screening technology. All the screens are made using special high-grade, high-strength wire. The wires for all manufactured sieve trays are specially made from spring steel wire and stainless steel in accordance with DIN 17223.
  8. Rods elements
    Rod elements are used in screening machines when the material is difficult to screen such as wet/sticky soil.

There are different versions, each with a variety of mesh sizes and wire thicknesses. These steel screens can be supplied with or without tensioning hooks. All the screens are made using special high-grade, high-strength wire. For the vibrating screens in the asphalt plants is special heat-resistant wire used. Screens can also “optionally” be manufactured from stainless steel (SS) wire. Plastic screen elements, Polydex ®, are already used for many years in the process industry, especially in the sand and gravel processing industries. For washing the material in a vibrating screen Gustav Meister can also supplies plastic nozzles in different versions.


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